A word from your MUD about pond erosion…

As is a common practice in neighborhoods across Texas, local Municipal Utility Districts (MUDs) work with HOAs to maintain neighborhoods public spaces. MUDs are responsible for maintenance around detention ponds and drainage channels to maintain their function for storm water and flood management. Previously, Brazoria County MUD 29 contracted with the Rodeo Palms HOA to mow certain detention ponds located in the HOA’s service area. When approached by the HOA in early 2024 to update the agreement, the MUD 29 Board discussed concerns with the grass being trimmed too short leading to erosion problems.

This concern was based on many of the lakes having erosion issues around the banks leading to costly repairs. Erosion in around the neighborhood detention and drainage facilities is concerning for several reasons:

  • The lakes and channels planned and built into the neighborhood serve the purpose of directing water away from homes during heavy rain events. Changes to these lakes and channels can redirect water from the path it is meant to follow.
  • Uneven ground is a safety concern for the residents that walk, play, fish, and enjoy the area.
  • If allowed to continue, erosion can lead to damaging walking trails, playground structures, and nearby homes.
  • Loose soil and sediment not held in place by grass and is picked up in moving water pollutes surface waters and can increase the possibility of flooding downstream by clogging pathways.
Healthy grass and roots prevent erosion.

Healthy grass and roots prevent erosion.

As a storm water management feature, the grass around ponds and channels serves different purposes than the grass on lawns an in backyards.

The primary forces behind erosion are water runoff and wind, which can strip soil away. Properly maintaining the grass at a minimum height of 4-6 inches helps promote the growth of roots holding the soil in place during water runoff and higher wind events.

After completing a survey of the lakes inside of the district’s boundaries, it was determined that a landscaper under the direction of the MUD would take over mowing certain areas to reduce future damage while already damaged areas could be rehabilitated. It was also agreed that the Rodeo Palms HOA could request 1 additional mow per month at the cost of the HOA to address mowing in heavy growing seasons.

Correcting the banks of ponds and channels that have eroded is an expensive project. In 2020, MUD 29 began correcting the erosion issues starting with the pond at the northwest corner of Rodeo Drive and Palm Desert at a cost of $40,000.  To date a total of about $160,000 has been spent on erosion repairs in the District. The remaining damaged areas in the District have been assessed, prioritized, and will be budgeted for as future projects.

Lake 2, located east of Rodeo Drive at Palm Desert, shows signs of erosion, and repairs will be budgeted and scheduled for repair in the coming years.

The banks of Lake 1 on the Northwest corner of Rodeo Drive and Palm Desert were repaired in 2021.

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