About Brazoria County Municipal Utility District No. 29

The District is a political subdivision of the State of Texas, created by Order of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. The District contains approximately 777.91 acres of land. The District is located entirely within the corporate boundaries of the City of Manvel, Texas. The District is bounded on the west by County Road 48, on the east by State Highway 288, and on the north by County Road 58. Rodeo Palms Parkway crosses the southern portion of the District. The District lies within the Alvin Independent School District.

Development and home construction accomplished in the District to date include the completion of the development of 1,680 single-family residential lots, 1,368 homes, including 69 homes under construction and 107 single-family residential lots currently under development. Underground water, sewer and drainage facilities and street paving have been constructed to serve the 1,680 single family residential lots on approximately 448.76 acres.

District Map